Mavera Projects’ benefits are not limited to their location alone. In addition to its fine and rich range of social offerings, the key advantage of the Mavera Projects is the government guarantee supporting their development. Emlak Konut, Turkey’s largest developer of high-quality housing, operates directly under TOKI, or the Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry Housing Development Administration. And Makro, a leading real estate developer in Başakşehir and Turkey at large, is a key joint development partner of government agencies. Mavera Projects are a joint development between Makro, TOKI, and Emlak Konut A.Ş.

Başakşehir Municipality is also a partner in several Mavera Projects, which has rapidly become its own distinct brand in the region.

As such, the home you purchase from the Mavera Projects is under the assurance of the government agencies, from delivery date technical specifications, production processes and quality audits for projects under construction, all the way to the quality policy and its implementation post-delivery.

Ready-for-delivery houses are complete with well-organized and high-quality operational services supported by a maintenance charge model, enabling a management policy that ensures quality of life across the board. Your home and project are covered by the Makro quality assurance and the quality guarantee of government agency partners of Makro.



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