Makro is the leading and pioneer housing developer of Başakşehir. Following the Bahçetepe Istanbul built in 2012, the Mavera Başakşehir project, a joint development with Başakşehir Municipality, is set to become the crown jewel of the Makro brand in the district.

Mavera projects are distinguished with high customer satisfaction, offering quality standards and innovative functions as the new benchmark in housing quality. Mavera Projects set the standards in house quality in the district, and are naturally the first stop for those looking to become homeowners in Başakşehir.

The ongoing Mavera Palaces, Park Mavera 1, Park Mavera 2, Park Mavera 3, Park Mavera 4 Lounge, Mavera Homes, Mavera Residence and Mavera Comfort projects are all situated in premium locations within Başakşehir.

Mavera Projects are special residential projects that bear the distinction of offering a top-notch return on investment across all stages of development in Istanbul. They have gone above and beyond expectations, offering high profits for investors who view real estate investment from a Makro perspective.


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