A premier destination in Europe for vacation tourism, in recent years Turkey has also made great strides in medical tourism as well.
Previously, Turkey’s touristic offering consisted predominantly of its climate, seas, beaches, and nature. Today, however, and especially during the pandemic, the Turkish healthcare system made a name for itself with its robustness and efficiency, receiving acclaim from international authorities including the World Health Organization.
Fully equipped healthcare complexes in various provinces of Turkey attract not only Turkish citizens but numerous medical tourists from MENA and Europe.
Turkish doctors have a globally proven track record in all branches of medicine, with a particular focus on cardiology, oncology, and organ transplantation, as well as more specialized fields such as plastic surgery. Turkey’s successful and thriving healthcare system has encouraged many foreign nationals to seek citizenship by purchasing property within the country.



Mavera Projects are located within close proximity to the Başakşehir Çam and Sakura City Hospital, the largest hospital complex in Europe.
The advantageous locations of the projects are translated into profit for investors. Situated within walking distance to the healthcare facilities, Mavera Projects are the first choice of medical professionals looking for rental apartments.



Mavera Projects are located only 25 minutes away from the New Istanbul Airport. This, coupled with their proximity to the healthcare facilities in the region, makes Mavera Projects ideal for international medical tourists visiting Istanbul. As a result, the projects offer high rental value.

Very soon, Mavera Projects will also be served by the urban metro lines of Istanbul, as well as by the high-speed rail network connecting to the neighboring cities.
Halkalı - Airport Metro Stations will be located within walking distance to the Mavera Projects, offering the residents direct, safer and faster access to the Istanbul Airport compared to the road.
When you buy a house in the Mavera Projects, you also buy a high-return investment in a booming part of Istanbul.


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