Why Istanbul?

Asia’s gateway into Europe, Istanbul is one of the most charming cities of the world with its rich historical heritage and cultural tapestry.
Istanbul has a distinctly different rhythm than the rest of the cities in Turkey.
Although it is not the capital, Istanbul is the beating heart of Turkish finance, culture, tourism and economy. Istanbul served as the capital of Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires at various points of its history, and bears the marks of these civilizations to this day.
For the curious and the adventurous, Istanbul offers a plethora of exploration with its many mosques, famed bazaars, stores, and popular attractions.
Today, those who wish to enjoy this experience to its fullest are looking to buy a house in Istanbul and become a part of the city.

Why Başakşehir?

Istanbul is growing and evolving rapidly. New satellite towns are emerging to meet the increasing demand for housing. And one of these, Başakşehir, is among the best examples of planned and modern urbanization within the city. With its lavish and luxurious housing estates, residences, broad avenues, high-flow traffic, Başakşehir is preferred by those who seek a secluded and tranquil lifestyle, despite the hustle and bustle of the city at large.
As a district, Başakşehir is a fine representation of Islamic and Turkish social and cultural influences, another source of appeal for those looking to invest in the region or live here. Başakşehir is the center of the brand new development named ‘The New Istanbul’.
The Istanbul Canal, Istanbul Airport, and Başakşehir Çam and Sakura City Hospital complex, the largest of its kind in Europe, are at the heart of Başakşehir.
Başakşehir is located only 25 minutes away from the Istanbul Airport. The Healthcare Complex, with its tens of thousands of healthcare professionals, is a colossal project poised to attract millions of medical tourists to Turkey.
Thanks to such powerhouse developments as well as the impact of the Istanbul Canal, Başakşehir has been the most profitable district of Istanbul for real estate investments in the last decade.
Başakşehir is an ideal location for a tranquil life. It is also the right address for those looking for a high return on investment and rental income.
The rhythm of Başakşehir is dictated by the Mavera Projects, encapsulating the brand value of Başakşehir’s premium developer Makro. Mavera Projects are centrally located within the district. Developed with government guarantees and a planned urbanization ideal, the Mavera Projects are the most popular and high-earning projects of Başakşehir.
The answer to ‘why Başakşehir?’ is simple. Başakşehir holds a special place in Istanbul, and Mavera Projects are the most special residential projects in Başakşehir.



Mavera Projects are located only 25 minutes away from the New Istanbul Airport. This, coupled with their proximity to the healthcare facilities in the region, makes Mavera Projects ideal for international medical tourists visiting Istanbul. As a result, the projects offer high rental value.

Very soon, Mavera Projects will also be served by the urban metro lines of Istanbul, as well as by the high-speed rail network connecting to the neighboring cities.
Halkalı - Airport Metro Stations will be located within walking distance to the Mavera Projects, offering the residents direct, safer and faster access to the Istanbul Airport compared to road.
When you buy a house in the Mavera Projects, you also buy a high-return investment in a booming part of Istanbul.


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